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Kia ora, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Kia orana, Mālō e lelei, Talofa lava, Taloha ni.

Get the help you need to take charge of your life by improving your reading, writing and maths.

We're committed to helping you in the way that suits you best.

We offer friendly tutor support, small group classes and a positive learning environment. 

We can also help you gain confidence, independence, employment skills, Unit Standards.

Check out some of the courses below:

Computer: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced  Digital: Smartphones and Tablets     
Driver Ed - Road Code / Driver Licences Essential Communication   Work: Get ready for Work 
Healthy lifestyle Financial: Budget / Banking / Save / Debt LLN: the works (reading, writing, numbers, spelling, communicating)  

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How we can help

You'll get private, one-to-one or small group tutoring from trained staff using methods that work.

We will find out what you want to learn, and why. That puts you in charge of your own learning.
When learning is relevant to you, it's more interesting, which means you can achieve better results faster. And that will change your life.

What's more, it will cost you nothing.


What courses are available?

Here is a sample of some of the courses available throughout the country.

Some programmes may be delivered intensively over one week, while others may be sessions of 2.5 hours per week. 

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► Digital: Basic Computing

You will learn computer basics and become more confident when using a computer.

  • Computer Basics: hardware and software.
  • Security: keeping your data secure.
  • Web-based Email: using Gmail and Outlook online.
  • Internet: navigate the internet.
  • Online Profiles: social media, employment sites and online profiles.


► Digital: Digital Devices

You will learn how to make best use your phone and other devices.

  • Security: Keeping your information safe.
  • Applications: How to download apps.
  • Android: Using an Android phone.
  • iPhone: Using an iPhone.
  • Tablets: Navigate and use a tablet.



► Digital: Documents

You will learn how to use both Microsoft Word and Google Documents at beginner level.

  • Menu and Toolbar: Microsoft Word, Google Docs.
  • Create a Document: how to create and edit document.
  • Insert into Documents: insert pictures, etc. into your documents.
  • Format and Review Documents: make your documents look great!
  • Shortcuts: using shortcuts to increase efficiency.


► Digital: Spreadsheets

You will learn how to use Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets at beginner level.

  • Menu and Toolbar: drop down menu and toolbars.
  • Enter, edit and format: spreadsheet creation. 
  • Page Layout: navigate and use spreadsheets.
  • Formulas and Functions: write basic formula. 
  • Charts: use graphs and charts.


► Driver Education: Learner Licence 

You will learn the road rules and get ready to sit a learner licence theory test. 

  • Booking Information: booking your theory test.  
  • Signs: road signs and vehicle-mounted signs.  
  • Driving: rules for driving.  
  • Limits: speed limits, alcohol and drug limits, driver fatigue.  
  • Driver Responsibility: your responsibilities as a driver.  
  • Your Vehicle: car and light trailer requirements.  
  • Other Road Users: sharing the road.  
  • Core Questions and Online Testing: test practice. 



► Essential Communication

You will learn how you can improve your communication skills. 

  • Active Listening: including Goals and Values. 
  • Non-Verbal Communication: including facial expression and tone of voice.  
  • Communicating Skills: communicate better in all situations.  
  • Social Radar: understand communication in Aotearoa New Zealand.  
  • Negotiation Process: get better at reaching agreements and avoiding conflict. 



► Work Ready: Build Your CV

You will learn to write a CV that will get you noticed by employers!  

  • Looking Ahead: Make sure your CV works for You! 
  • Knowing Myself: Identifying skills. 
  • Getting Prepared: Making an employment plan.
  • Aiming High: Writing your employment objective.  
  • Building the CV: Putting it all together. 


► Work Ready: Road to Employment

You will learn to make decisions about jobs so that your career pathway is achievable. 

  • Career Planning: employment goal setting. 
  • Interview Skills: communication and confidence in an interview.  
  • Job Searching – Online vs Traditional: use employment sites and profiles. 
  • Work Literacy: literacy and numeracy skills needed for work.  
  • Starting a New Job: what happens when you start a new job.  

Find out more about Workplace Learning  


► Well Steps

You will learn how you and your whānau can improve your awareness of health and wellbeing.

  • Tamaroto – Inner Self: different ways of thinking about health and wellbeing.  
  • Stress Management and Sleep: how to manage stress, plus the importance of sleep.  
  • Food and Nutrition: food and wellbeing - plus diabetes and obesity.  
  • Get Moving: learn about physical exercise and activity.  
  • Community Wellbeing: the importance of community connection. 


► Money Wise

You will learn how to make and use a plan to help you on the road to financial security - using the sorted.org.nz website to help you. 

  • Future Dreams: personal financial goal setting.  
  • Good Credit vs Debt: how to manage debt.  
  • Money Manager: how to manage your money goals into the future 
  • Making it on your own: becoming financially independent.  
  • Planning and Budgeting: create a simple plan for your money. 


► Learning Steps

You will learn skills for reading, writing, speaking and listening. There is plenty of support and lots of fun to achieve success.

  • Being SMART: make a plan for your learning using your values.  
  • Kōrero me te whakarongo: learn all about communication and how good listening helps you.  
  • Word Building: begin to build and read words.  
  • Alphabet Skills: making links between letters and sounds.  
  • A World of Words: words that you see in your community.  
  • Pen Control: exercises that help you to form letters and prepare you to write. 


► Numeracy: Using Numbers

You will learn more about maths to help your confidence with numbers.

  • Number Sequence
  • Place Value
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Number Facts
  • Decimals
  • Fractions
  • Percentages





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