Language, Literacy, Numeracy

The ability to understand and use Language (communication), Literacy (words) and Numeracy (numbers) underpins a range of skills we all need in adult life

Language, Literacy and Numeracy

It is estimated that 1 /4 of adults in Aotearoa experience literacy difficulties...more than 1.25 million people!


Things are easier when you have confidence with language, words and numbers!


Being confident with language improves your ability to understand new information and helps you communicate with others. Language knowledge also supports confidence with literacy.

In Aotearoa New Zealand we have three national languages - English, Te Reo Māori and New Zealand Sign Language. We can help you improve your use of spoken and written English. In some regions we run  te reo Māori classes face to face or online.


Literacy is a foundational skill that allows the development of other more complex skills. Understanding the words and concepts used when talking and thinking about a skill helps you learn that skill and helps you apply it in real situations.

Traditionally literacy refers to the use of words: reading, writing, spelling and comprehension skills. Because thinking commonly uses words and language, literacy also refers to working with words, ideas and concepts. For example using a computer relies on an understanding of words and their specific use in digital situations.

Numeracy (numbers)

Numeracy is also a foundational skill that allows further learning development. Numerical logic is a skill that supports conceptual thinking and helps people think about complex situations.

Numbers and numerical logic are used in daily life in many ways and at differing levels of difficulty. Being able to work with numbers helps with money management, is part of getting a driver licence and is often an everyday part of job tasks.

Many life skills rely on your abilities with words and/or numbers.

A lot of people struggle with the Road Code test when trying to get their learner driver licence.
Our tutors support learners to improve reading and maths to help them pass.

At work good communication, understanding written and spoken words and accurately using numbers are all vital. We run community and workplace programmes focused on work skills.

Not all people leave school with the set of skills and confidence needed to start a job or career training. Our 'Work Ready' programmes help people have the best chance of success.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy abilities support:

  • digital skills
  • employment skills
  • study skills
  • self care skills
  • financial skills

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