Annual reports

We are on a mission to help an estimated 1.5 million adults in Aotearoa struggling with literacy and numeracy each day

We work hard each year to grow our reach and effectiveness, to achieve our goal of supporting those in the community who are often overlooked

"Welcome to this annual report, a display of the resilience and determination of those within Literacy Aotearoa striving to support all New Zealand adults to realise their full potential." (Page 4 Ngā Kaiwhakahaere 2021 Anuual Report)
April 20, 2023
"Literacy Aotearoa remains very strongly committed to the values and purpose that have been at the heart of the organisation since its initial establishment over 37 years ago." (Page 3 Ngā Kaiwhakahaere 2019/2020 Annual Reports)
April 20, 2023
"Progressively we see that the changes will allow a more comprehensive use of Literacy Aotearoa skills and resources that will enable more learners to be reached, our range of programmes expanded and the quality of our services enhanced." (Page 7, Te Kōrero Whakatuwheratanga, 2018 Annual Report)
April 13, 2023