Essential Communication

Learn how you can improve your communication skills.

In-person and online

10-20 hours

Essential Communication                                                              

Learn how you can improve your communication skills.

Essential Communication at work.


  • Active Listening: including Goals and Values.
  • Non-Verbal Communication: including facial expression and tone of voice.  
  • Communicating Skills: communicate better in all situations.  
  • Social Radar: understand communication in Aotearoa New Zealand.  
  • Negotiation Process: get better at reaching agreements and avoiding conflict.

Hīkina Mānuka! Take up the Challenge!    

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We offer small group classes and a supportive learning environment.

Success stories

John Greenwood


How have the classes at Literacy Aotearoa helped you in your employment?  

‘I came to Literacy Aotearoa after working at a company where compliance and other paperwork made it difficult to continue’.  

John decided to attend literacy classes to solve this, and is very happy that he has done so.  ‘My numeracy is better and my spelling is better. I can handle paperwork and maths at work and I can look at applying for other jobs now if I want to.’

John has been reluctant to apply for other jobs ‘because of the paperwork and maths needed by the workplace and the forms in the job application’. He is now able to consider roles at larger companies who use more compliance forms. ‘I see it as a challenge I can accept now.’  ‘I am keen to do something I wouldn’t have thought of doing. My eyes are open to a wider range of job options which is very valuable at age 50’.

John chose to approach Literacy Aotearoa after seeing an advert in the paper - because he was aware that he needed help and that he was being held back by his lack of literacy skill and his dyslexia.    

John chose to approach Literacy Aotearoa after seeing an advert in the paper - because he was aware that he needed help and that he was being held back by his lack of literacy skill and his dyslexia.

How have improvements in your critical reading, spelling and basic maths helped you in everyday life?  

‘Improving my spelling was very helpful - I am now more confident especially with things like grammar and full stops – giving me confidence with paperwork in general wherever it comes up. My wife has seen this change a lot – it is still hard work sometimes but I enjoy it and I do not avoid it now. My ability to email and any reading is much easier. Even my handwriting has improved’.    

What was school like for you?  

John’s previous experience of education through school was very negative:  ‘I hated school - found it very hard work and was slightly dyslexic – I was put with a low stream but my dyslexia was not picked up.’ He wanted to learn but there was no support and few other students were interested in education. ‘I moved schools and did not do well – I felt school and teachers were not interested - I started to hate teachers’ . Now I am older I have realised that education is not a bad thing and it is never too late to go back to improve your skills.    

How would you describe your learning environment with Literacy Aotearoa?

‘Very good – they are small classes and most learners have similar goals and are keen to learn. There is quiet space if needed. I got plenty of 1:1 help from the tutor, and had regular meetings.’ John found ‘Literacy Aotearoa tutors were brilliant – they were supportive around problems – and always patient with repeating information when I needed. They always have time for you - Janette and Michelle were brilliant. Because I was going to class after a hard day of work I found this really helpful.’ Staff acknowledged and worked with his dyslexia.       John at the Literacy Aotearoa (Invercargill) site – alongside his tutor Janette.   John says ‘staff were warm, caring and really helped. I have nothing bad at all to say about staff they were brilliant’        

John took it upon himself to seek support to improve his reading writing and maths. Completing the programmes showed him he can improve himself and that he can learn. For now John is looking for more challenges and approaching opportunities confidently – he says ‘if problems come up in the future I would certainly look at doing more training – I know Literacy Aotearoa can help.’  

John is someone who recognised his issue and committed to attending Literacy Aotearoa programmes as the solution. He stuck at it until he got the result he wanted – better skills and the confidence to pursue a brighter future.  

Mauri Ora John!