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Literacy Aotearoa is ...

a national organisation of adult literacy providers and is a leading commentator on literacy issues in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Our definition of literacy is...

Literacy is listening, speaking, reading, writing, numeracy and critical thinking, interwoven with the knowledge of social and cultural practices.

Literacy empowers people to contribute to and improve society.

In carrying out its mission... ‘to develop, promote and deliver accessiblequality literacy services designed to ensure the peoples of Aotearoa are critically literate and able to realise their full social, cultural and economic potential’, Literacy Aotearoa has a fundamental commitment to student-centred learning, at no direct cost to the learner. 

Accessibility and quality means that literacy services are provided in a way that enables students to fulfil their potential, by building on their knowledge and experiences to enhance their confidence and capabilities.

Over one million adults in New Zealand have literacy difficulties in their everyday lives.

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