Tui Tuia Issue 9, October 2017 - Our newsletter

cover-Tui tuia - Literacy Aotearoa newsletter
Literacy Aotearoa, Whiringa ā nuku (October) 2017

Namaste (Hindi), Mālō e lelei (Tongan), Fākatalofa atu (Tuvaluan), Ni sa bula vinaka (Fijian), Fakaalofa lahi atu (Niuean), Mālō ni (Tokelauan)…
Ngā mihi mahana kia koutou katoa, Greetings to you all.
The spring season brings Pacific Languages to the fore, beginning in Mahuru (September) with Tongan and Te Reo Māori language weeks, followed by Tuvaluan, Fijian, Niuean, and Tokelauan in Whiringa ā nuku (October).
Lifelong learning has been taking place with all staff at National Office celebrating these languages by practising simple phrases and greetings each morning, and with information sheets for those who want to delve deeper.
We carry on from last month’s issue looking at how our members throughout the country acknowledged students and tutors and reached out to their communities to promote Literacy Aotearoa services by telling their stories...

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