Annual Report

2017 Literacy Aotearoa Annual Report


2016-Annual Report
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"2017 has brought the organisation closer to reshaping and adapting for the future."

(Page 5, Te Kōruru – Ngā Kaiwhakahaere, 2017 Annual Report)




2016 Literacy Aotearoa Annual Report


2016-Annual Report
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"During the past year Literacy Aotearoa has continued on the pathway of planning for the future to achieve best practice processes across the organisation."

(Page 2, Te Kōruru – Ngā Kaiwhakahaere, 2016 Annual Report)



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2015 Literacy Aotearoa Annual Report

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"During the past year Literacy Aotearoa has registered significant achievements in five key areas: governance, best practice, organisational and professional development, operational efficiency, and strategic planning. We also relocated and reorganised the National Office. Taken together these initiatives will lift our performance, advance our goals, future-proof our organisation and help us better serve our communities and engage more effectively with all stakeholders. "

(Page 4, Te Kōruru – Ngā Kaiwhakahaere, 2015 Annual Report)


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2014 Literacy Aotearoa Annual Report

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"2014 was a highly educative year.  We celebrated the continued success of students achieving their learning goals, demonstrating their progress in the acquisition of literacy, language and numeracy skills, and their levels of confidence and capability.  We chose to invest $1 million in the development of Poupou capability in teaching and assessment, to grow our ability to deliver a wider range of services to students.  We recognised our weaknesses and have prioritised the improvement of our national systems to enhance our processes and practice. 

This Annual Report provides such a small snapshot of the numerous activities carried out throughout the country."

(Page 2, Te Kōrero Whakatuwheratanga - A Strategic and Business Overview of Literacy Aotearoa in 2014, 2014 Annual Report)


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