Student Writing Activity

Note: This resource is designed to be used with tutor support.

During literacy tuition, students are learning new words, how to pronounce them, how to spell them, what they mean and how to use them in context.

The words learnt during a learning session can be used to motivate writing, either in the form of constructing single sentences or writing a story. This reinforces learning and improves understanding of the words.

► Session Plan: Student Writing Activity
*This session plan is based on a method used by a tutor in Palmerston North to encourage student writing.

This session plan should be adapted according to the student’s ability and the resources available. The time schedule mentioned in the session plan is for a group learning session and may take some students more then one learning session to complete.
Click here to view newspaper articles featuring adult literacy learners that could be used for this activity. 
Note: This activity can also be used in a one-to-one learning session.
Student writing produced from this activity can be further used as a reading resource.
Click here for examples of student writing or click on the titles below to see student writing that has been created using this activity: 
► Steve's New Car
► Beginners Guide to the First Date


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