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Recent Updates: Hōngongoi (July) 2014:
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General - including:
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Kōkiri! - Quarterly panui (update) from Te Kōruru
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• Other presentations (Intro to Literacy Aotearoa - Te Tiriti o Waitangi; Māori & Literacy)

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Database - Software Documentation, Updates & Update Notes
Hui Information - NPH
Quality Assurance Templates - for Ngā Poupou Use Only.
Divided into the 5 operational areas of Te Poutama Painga - Quality Assurance Standards of Literacy Aotearoa. This section includes the TPPQAS templates and Self Review Questions; and more recently developed templates, e.g. student privacy form, tutor monthly report; project plan outline; pricing/budget tool.
Self Review templates are also available here.


Learners Talk / Stories


I saw a light coming from the end of the tunnel  / brothers and sisters standing up here with me today / I just wanna say believe in yourself / be an inspiration for the whole nation / so I say right now write your stories with love dedication/  and most of all keep it full of passion / search for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow / you can achieve anything if you just believe / I pray to god that all you succeed in life/ keep your literacy tight / never give up the fight / to learn and read and write / so now I say everybody join in now ...


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