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Learning Programmes

Literacy Aotearoa delivers a range of programmes to meet the needs of adults who want to improve their literacy, numeracy and communication skills.

Literacy Aotearoa has a fundamental commitment to
student-centred learning, at no direct cost to the learner. 
The concept of student-centred learning has enabled students to take ownership of and responsibility for their educational commitments and achievements.

Literacy Aotearoa offers individualised learning programmes in both one-to-one and group settings, in a range of learning environments, including marae, homes, prisons, community houses, libraries and workplaces.

Tutor Information

Literacy Aotearoa also offers courses in Level 5 Adult Literacy and Numeracy Tutor Qualifications.


Do you want to be a qualified tutor? Click here. 


Are you a qualified Adult Literacy Tutor interested in tutoring?  Contact a provider near to you.

Workplace Learning

♦ We also deliver services for ITOs to apprentices; PTEs for vocational tutors; workplaces, social service groups & organisations.




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