Literacy Aotearoa Regional & National Hui (Meetings)

The 2014 Te Hui ā Tau (AGM), the National Planning Hui and the Student Writing Event were held 22-24 Hōngongoi (July), with the theme: Mahi Tahi - Partnership and Collaboration

View the Student Writing Event photos below:



Literacy Aotearoa Regional and National Hui

Ngā Hui Heke is the name for the three regional hui or meetings for Ngā Poupou (member providers) that take place each year between April and May. 
These hui are followed by two national hui: Te Hui ā Tau (AGM) and the National Planning Hui  held each year in July.


The purpose of Ngā Hui Heke (Regional Hui) is to provide a forum that will:

  • determine specific issues and trends of literacy needs and services of the regions;
  • elect the two regional representatives for Te Kōruru (every 3 years);
  • draft remits for submission to Te Hui ā Tau (AGM);
  • carry out training sessions and networking at a regional level.

Ngā  Hui Heke are hosted by a Poupou from each region:

  • Te Heke / Region Tuatahi (1) ranges from Cape Reinga to, and including, Uruti on the West Coast, moving east to, and including, Taumaranui, Taupo, Murupara to Te Kaha.

  • Te Heke / Region Tuarua (2) begins from the Southern boundary of Te Heke Tuatahi to Wellington.

  • Te Heke / Region Tuatoru (3) is the South Island.


Te Hui ā Tau (AGM) and the National Planning Hui are attended by members of Ngā Poupou including students, tutors, coordinators, managers, governing committee members and invited guests.

Every second year  these hui will be held in Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland) and will include the Student Writing Event (SWE).

[The SWE has become a biennial event due to the intensive work involved in the planning, implementation and follow up.  It will be held on alternate years, to coincide with the National Planning Hui occurring in Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland).] 

Publications that are produced from these hui include the Student Writing Booklet and the National Planning Hui Report  which are distributed to Ngā Poupou.


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