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►  Te Kōruru - Recruitment, Election and Nomination Policy - Feb 2012

Hui Presentations 2014

Hui Heke Tuatahi (THH1), 10-11 Paenga whāwhā (April) 2014
One of the guest speakers at Hui Heke Tuatahi (THH1) in Taupo was Terri Eggleton, Community Development Advisor for Bay Trust. She spoke of collaborative projects and collective impacts. In her presentation she talked to parts of the attached powerpoint by Liz Weaver. There was a lot of interest from Region One participants in these ideas and a request to share the resource.

Collective Impact Overview: A Framework for Community Change by Liz Weaver of Tamarack – An Institute for Community Engagement.

Ngā Poupou Managers' Hui -  Hui tanguru (February) 2014
Presentation to Ngā Poupou Managers - Te Tumuaki Bronwyn Yates
Questions and Answers from Ngā Poupou Managers' Hui to challenge our knowledge, memories and understanding of being part of Literacy Aotearoa:

Kaupapa of Literacy Aotearoa - FAQs

Site Provider Status - FAQs

TEC Requirements for accepting funded contracts - FAQs

Certificate in Adult Literacy (CALT), Level 5 - FAQs

Hui Presentations 2013

Ngā Poupou Managers' Hui - 3-4 Paenga whāwhā (April) 2013

►  Small group learning provision from each region - 3 Paenga whāwhā (April) 2013 

►  Feedback from small group learning discussions

Hui Presentations 2012

►  Ngā Hui Heke Presentation including feedback from each region - Haratua (May) 2012

►  Ngā Poupou Managers' Hui, 1-2 Poutu te Rangi (March) 2012:

Peter Isaacs - Confidence & Achievement Grids and Perceptions of Success
includes the grids which will be used to begin to measure the changes that occur for students as a result of their participation in a literacy programme. 

Mark Fell  - Needs Analysis and Planning for Capability Development
The data collected from the 4 working groups during the interactive session with Mark Fell, identifying the issues that inhibit growth and finding strategies to address them.
Thanee Chatsinchai - Excel in Excel
Getting more from your monthly reports (this workshop was first held at National Planning Hui 2011)
External Evaluation Review  This workshop looked at the 5 Standards of Te Poutama Painga and matched the 6 Key Evaluative Questions used by NZQA in their EER process to the standards. Draft templates were used to share ideas, list achievements, forms of evidence, identify gaps and resources and support needed to achieve goals. 
Reporting Updates
Start and End Assessment

Hui Presentations 2011:
►   NPH Presentations: Peter Waterhouse, Prue Kapua & Thanee Chatsinchai

►   Literacy Aotearoa Nga Hui Heke - Risk Management 2011
presented by Thanee Chatsinchai at Nga Hui Heke, 2011

►   Literacy Aotearoa Managers' Hui 2011
presented by Bronwyn Yates at Nga Poupou Managers' Hui, 1 Poutu te rangi (March) 2011

Hui Presentations 2010:
►   Literacy Aotearoa Strategic Directions 2011- 2015
Poupou Mentoring Project 2010 presented by Bronwyn Yates at PMP Regional Hui Nov/Dec 2010
►   Unlocking Auckland’s potential: Adult literacy and numeracy skills in the new Auckland, presented by Alison Sutton 10/11/10 to the Auckland Poupou Hui.  It talks to the COMET Working Paper (of the same name) prepared by Alison Sutton & Bernardine Vester, August 2010

Other Presentations:
Introduction to Literacy Aotearoa - Te Tiriti o Waitangi (pdf 465kb)
Māori and Literacy (pdf 296kb)



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